The Catholic Physicians' Guild of Chicago


The Catholic Physicians' Guild of Chicago is a constituent guild of the 6000 member strong Catholic Medical Association (formerly, the National Federation of Catholic Physicians' Guilds). Members are dedicated to the "Service of God and man". This goal is accomplished through prayer, serious examination of moral issues and camaraderie among guild members. Quarterly plenary dinner meetings feature distinguished speakers that address important moral issues.

The Catholic Physicians' Guild of Chicago also sponsors the Catholic Medical Students' Association of Chicago and publishes a newsletter to instruct medical students and residents in the area of Catholic Medical Ethics. The guild offers Catholic medical students in the Chicago area many opportunities to mature as student-physicians from a uniquely Catholic perspective in the art of medicine. The Guilds' mentor program allows students to become well acquainted with a physician in their area of interest. Monthly journal club meetings also enable practicing Catholic physicians and medical students an opportunity to interact and discuss morally relevant issues.

The Illinois Catholic Medical Association

The Illinois Catholic Medical Association is a professional association of Catholic doctors in Illinois, united by faith, and interested in the ethical practice of medicine. At present there are four regional guilds in Illinois: Chicago, Joliet, Peoria, and Springfield. All Catholic physicians, dentists, and medical students are welcome to join.

As Catholic Physicians of the United States and Canada, we come together in the Catholic Medical Association in order to grow in the spirit of Christ in our personal and professional lives, to bring His Spirit to all that is touched by our science and art, and to assist the Vicar of Christ, the Bishops, and the whole Christian community with leadership, especially with the particular knowledge, skill, and experience we have as Christian Physicians.


A Chartered Guild of the Catholic Medical Association

WHITE MASS, in honor of ST. LUKE on OCT.19, 2019 - HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL
5pm Mass in Cathedral with talk and light snack in cafeteria to follow
Speaker is Fr. Ezzat Bathouche, topic is the plight of Catholics in the near East
easy access via EL to Cathedral or free Parking across the street
RSVP or 708 484 1560

Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith in the Practice of Medicine in the Archdiocese of Chicago