The Catholic Physicians' Guild of Chicago


Members are dedicated to the "Service of God and man". This goal is accomplished through prayer, serious examination of moral issues and camaraderie among guild members. Check back for prayers.


NEED TO CLARIFY YOUR THOUGHTS ON MORAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES? An available resource is the book "Nature, the Physician, and the Family". Walk through the book and argue with the author or most likely agree with him on the reasons for his ethical stances on pivotal issues. More on the author below...

Herbert Ratner (1907-1997) was a long-time member of the Catholic Physicians' Guild of Chicago, as well as having been a past president of the National Federation of Catholic Physicians' Guilds - a physician in the tradition of both Hippocrates and the beloved physician Luke. Grounded in natural law, Dr. Ratner defends the sanctity of human life, the natural institution of the family, and the right to informed consent in this second edition of his book Nature, the Physician, and the Family. From a background of public health he also writes provocatively about American medicine, the Salk vaccine program, SV40, oral contraceptives, and AIDS. More information about his book is available here:

Copies of the book in soft cover form for $15 can also be requested thru 708-484-1560



A Chartered Guild of the Catholic Medical Association

WHITE MASS, in honor of ST. LUKE on OCT.19, 2019 - HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL
5pm Mass in Cathedal with talk and refreshments in cafeteria to follow
Speaker is Fr. Ezzat Bathouche, topic is the plight of Catholics in the near East
easy access via EL to Cathedral
RSVP or 708 484 1560

Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith in the Practice of Medicine in the Archdiocese of Chicago